Interview With Nicola

I’ve booked a FREE TRIAL, what should my child wear? Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend to bring your child in clothes suitable for dancing in such a T shirt and leggings (no denim) and rubber soled shoes (we will ask them to dance barefoot for some disciplines.) We also say to bring a bottle of water too! Don’t worry though, you will receive a confirmation e-mail when you book your FREE TASTER with us, which will contain all the information you need including class times, what to wear, what to bring and how to find us. We can also help you out purchasing dance wear/shoes and uniform with our onsite shop!

Other schools don’t limit their class numbers, why do you?

We limit our class numbers to 16 only per class to ensure each and every child gets the attention and experience they deserve. We find 16 is just the right amount to get the energy buzzing in class and help each child develop.

I have tried my child with dance before, but he/she didn’t like it. Should I try it again?

Finding the right dance school is like finding the right hairdresser, or mechanic. Some you like, and some you don’t, as people are all different. We strongly advise children to try out dance again be it here or at another establishment. We hope to be the right fit for people who want to enrol their children to learn dance correctly by professionals who love what they do and want to pass it on, in a fun and friendly environment!

My child is incredibly shy. I’m worried he/she won’t be able to make friends, is dance a good thing to try?

One of the main developments we have seen within all our pupils is confidence. A confident child can then develop social skills. Not to mention all the amazing new friends they will meet at our friendly studio! Our teacher’s are experts in welcoming shy children, so don’t worry your child will be in safe hands!

My child just wants to dance for fun, can she/he still come to classes?

YES! All classes have been structured so FUN is the main focus, whilst still developing ability. If in doubt, try it out. We offer FREE TASTER passes for all classes so there is nothing to lose!

Have people working here been DBS checked?

Yes all staff and affiliates have undergone and enhanced DBS check.

Are teachers here qualified to teach dance?

All of our teachers have trained at professional training establishments, and gone through teacher training with the IDTA or ISTD faculties. (International Dance Teacher’s Association, Imperial Society for Teachers of Dancing) These are rigorous exams in which anatomy and physiology, child protection and safeguarding, child development and how to teach progression within dance are all covered.

Will my child be forced/pressured to take part in shows/exams?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! You have option of putting your child through the IDTA exam grading system if you so wish or taking part in our annual showcase but this is completely optional, your teacher will advise you on was we think is best for your child’s dance education. Exams are at the decision of the teacher if they think the pupil is ready. The show is super fun though, we would hate for them to miss out so we encourage them to take part!

I’m not sure if my child will like it, how soon do I need to commit financially to classes?

All classes can be tried completely FREE. After your child’s FREE TASTER, we will ask you to claim their spot in that class for the rest of the month at the class rate. Depending on when your free taster is, this is usually only 2-3 sessions, enough for your child to know if they want to keep coming (and we are sure that they will!)

How do I pay for classes?

We offer something for everyone here at Rhythm Nation Studios with either Monthly payment via Direct Debit or Block payment for the term. Instructions of how to do this will be given after your FREE taster so you can choose the best option for you.

What if I book a block of sessions, and then my child wants to leave. Will I lose my money?

NO! We offer a complete satisfaction based money back guarantee. Simply inform us in writing via text/email that you wish to release your child’s space within the class and we will refund you the sessions you have paid for but not attended under our satisfaction based money back guarantee.

I’d like to chat with you as I haven’t found the answer to my questions, can I get in touch with you?

YES of course! You can email me directly at: or call me on: 07585506787 between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday.


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