Success Stories

Evie loved her FREE TASTER dance class and found it really enjoyable. Evie is showing more confidence since starting dance classes and is also more energetic and motivated. And it makes her happy too which is a bonus! She has also made new friends whilst being at Rhythm Nation Studios.

Sharon Connolly- Mum to Evie Connolly

I was uncertain about what to expect because it was a new class I had never been before and I didn’t know anyone. I felt the FREE TASTER class shake all of the nervousness out of me and made me feel happy!

Aurora Carter

Aurora has gone from liking singing and dancing to loving it! She has gained so much confidence and sings at everyone now! We love your classes, you are a wonderful teacher who can really get the most out of the girls and capture their imagination. Very well organised too and so enthusiastic!

Eloise Carter, Mum to Aurora Carter

Before we attended your FREE TASTER class we were really interested in finding the right class for us. Emilia absolutely loved the FREE TASTER class and despite a few wobbles has become more confident and really loves Ballet and even practises most days at home!

Elaine Jones, Mum to Emilia

Before we came we were excited to try out the class. After the FREE TASTER class Anaiah was even more excited as she could not wait until the next week! Anaiah has grown in confidence since joining your dance studio. My main reason for sending her to your classes was to gain confidence and it sure worked! Thanks!

Noveen Woolcock, Mum to Anaiah Woolcock

Inspiring, nurturing and confidence building. The Team at Rhythm Nation enable each child to learn to sing and dance in a range of competencies from traditional Ballet and Tap through to contemporary Street dance and Musical Theatre. Rhythm Nation actually feels more like a welcoming family who all love to dance. My daughter feels part of that family and now loves learning to dance. I’d definitely recommend your son/daughter joining Rhythm Nation Studios.

Heidi Hollis, Mum to Elizabeth Hollis

Rhythm Nation Studios provides a fun and enjoyable experience for your children of all ages in the creative arts of dance. They have marvellous classes such as Ballet, Tap, Cheer Street and Musical Theatre. Rhythm Nation Studios can up level your confidence and dance ability, not forgetting making new friends too! They also have fab dance wear! Come join in the fun!

Elizabeth Hollis

The FREE taster class was FUN I wanted to do it again! My stretching has improved since joining Rhythm Nation Studios.

Soraya Mills

Before the FREE TASTER class Erin was excited. After the class she was very happy! She couldn’t stop practising her Ballet moves afterwards!

Ryan Morris, Dad to Erin Lopez-Morris

Jessica was excited before the FREE TASTER class because she loves dancing. Afterwards she was tired and happy and wanted to do it again! Since joining Rhythm Nation Studios Jessica has more confidence in her dancing and wants to show what she has learned.

Daniel Kirk, Dad to Jessica Kirk

Before the class my girls were very excited about the prospect of becoming Street Dancers! They were really excited after the FREE TASTER class and practised at home afterwards. Their dancing and timing has improved immensely.

Max Maddy, Dad to Grace Maddy and Celine Maddy

Rosie Jean was excited before her FREE TASTER class as it was her that had chosen to come to Rhythm Nation though a little bit nervous when she arrived. She was absolutely thrilled afterwards! She’s only had two classes but her confidence is sky high already and she’s been really welcomed by the other girls.

James Atterby, Dad to Rosie Jean Atterby

I Felt a little bit nervous before my FREE TASTER class, but after I felt great because I love singing and dancing Miss Nicola made me feel very comfortable because she’s so kind.

Taylor Kate Booth

Taylor Kate has developed so much more confidence in her self and her dancing since starting her classes.

Heidi Booth, Mum to Taylor Kate

Before Olivia started we wasn’t sure if she would enjoy street dance and she was nervous. Since doing street dance she’s got a great love for more! Olivia has become so much more confident since doing Ballet, Street and Breakdancing with you. She is always talking about dance classes and showing anyone that will watch what she’s been learning. Just to add you are a fantastic teacher that really cares about the children you teach.

Teresa Fones, Mum to Olivia Fones

Barbara was very excited to start the first lesson. She was very happy and she couldn’t wait for her next lesson! She is more energetic and can concentrate more, now she does Tap as well.

Beatrix Babik, Mum to Barbara Olban

Before the FREE TASTER class I felt slightly apprehensive wether Georgia would enjoy it or noting if it was the right environment we were looking for. After the free taster class we both felt extremely comfortable and excited that we’d found a class that suited our needs. Although Georgia has only been attending a short period of time, I can already see she has grown in confidence and really enjoys the class.

Laura Smith, Mum to Georgia Law

Braylon was excited to try the FREE TASTER class as he had been asking to try dance out for a little while. He absolutely loved his first class and actually cried at the end because he didn’t want it to finish! Braylon has always been very confident but he now loves to show people his new moves!

Hannah Brackpool, Mum to Braylon Davis

She was very excited before her FREE TASTER class. She definitely wanted to come back. she now likes to do exercises every day!

Anna Przodo, Mum to Jessica Lebitko

Sh’kai has always loved dancing so was excited to attend his FREE TASTER class. After, he felt even more excited. He has learnt more breakdance moves and looks forward to it every week!

Loretta Bravo, Mum to Sh’kai Scott

Before her FREE TASTER class Jaylia was excited about dance classes. She was very happy after her first class and talks about Ballet everyday. She now tries to show everyone her Ballet steps!

Preetha Dsouza, Mum to Jaylia

Amelia was very nervous before she came to her FREE TASTER class. Amelia absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to come back! Her confidence has grown so much!

Lisa Pendered, mum to Amelia Davis

Before the FREE TASTER class I was excited as it was something my daughter wanted to do for a long time. She was very nervous but Miss Nicola helped her to feel at ease. She loved the classes and didn’t want to go home! She’s really enjoying learning new things and she’s really growing in confidence.

Gemma Johnson, Mum to Willow Johnson